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Following up on the original blog post, we decided to better illustrate who are the top construction companies in all major European countries. Lease Ref’s blog is focused on tenants – how to negotiate leases, hire brokers, and how construction works. Offering the latest news for everyone in the construction business—from BIM engineers to foremen—no individual in construction can afford to forgo this resource. The UK construction companies uk sector ended 2018 on a weaker footing, hitting a three-month low in December amid fading demand for commercial projects and the growing risk of a no-deal Brexit. Jobs in construction range from lower-paying unskilled jobs to highly paid jobs that require formal training through an apprenticeship program, technical school, or community college classes. During the lifecycle of a construction project, the process of creating and managing all info is known. The industry is filled with drama, from the growing use of robotics to the latest innovations in construction management software. The magazine also carefully tracks legislative issues relating to the construction business. Boilermaker: Boilermakers are next on the list of highly paid construction jobs. Tech firm, and it’s a move that construction firms the world over will surely be paying attention. Electrician: Electricians work on residential, commercial, and industrial electrical construction and maintenance. If you’re wondering what other construction companies are doing right that you could be emulating, this is the publication. If you’re considering a job in construction, there are plenty of opportunities to get hired. Below you can view the original data from our initial blog post Biggest construction companies in Europe which is the basis that we used to create this. Construction Executive is a magazine specifically for individuals on the higher rungs of the construction management ladder. Check out Capterra’s list of the best Construction Management software solutions. Filled with useful how-tos and a simple writing style, it’s a must-read for construction managers wanting to stay “in the know. This has been especially true in the construction industry, where advantages include the reduction of safety risks and improved project monitoring. Some of the benefits of drone use in the construction industry include easier access to big or hard to traverse sites in addition to tall and/or complex structures. BD+C has long been a staple in the construction news world.